hazecat asks: Hey, a big happy birthday to you!!! *throws confetti*

thank you haze!!! i appreciate it!! <333

goretxt asks: happy birthday !!! :0

omg andrew thank you!! PLS… have a really hecka rad day for me okay 
; )

randyshoobingham asks: Happy birthday, you cutie!!

thank you rin!!! no but shhh ur the cutie ok.

lordvalsass asks: happy bday ya big memer

omg… thank you TQ  ; 0

Anonymous asks: the coloring in your art is very pretty!!!

aaa thank you so much anon!! im so happy to hear that ;0;

amissars asks: Happy birthday mama doop!!!!! <3

thank u boo!!! <333

do u ever just want to sleep through the entirety of your birthday


twitter user foxylalonde telling it like it is

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